GiANT - Social innovation

'There are not disabilities but different capabilities'

For two weeks I developed a project in Colombia together with a Multicultural Design Team in 'La Ceja', a small town in the region of Antioquia. The aim of the project was to develop an inspiring and stimulating concept space where people with diverse capabilities from 'La Ceja' can gain social abilities and different organisations share knowledge.

During these two weeks, we had close contact with organisations and people of the town and took part of their daily live to understand their needs better. We build a relationship that enabled us to involve the user actively in the design process and obtain more feedback since the beginning. This process lead us to obtain a tailor-made design concept. The final design concept considered three aspects: Communication, Environment and Tools.

The Communication strategy
Inform the society and change people's preconceptions about disabled people. To achieve this, we proposed to use social media, local news papers, organise activities to involve and inform the community and make them feel part of this project.

The Environment
We envisioned flexible and nature-connected space.  Flexibility was translated into convertible rooms that enables that different activities with their specific needs can be hold in the same space offering dynamism and adaptability. . In addition, we also intended to facilitate the information flow between the professionals and organisations, to ensure better communication among them. Finally, we complemented the spaces with a special connection to nature to enhance freedom and transmit energy.

The Concept

Multisensorial Playground
e designed big concrete structure that enables teachers to work the 5 senses with the people with different abilities. It is surrounded and complemented with elements that strongly work one of the senses. We designed it considering people with different motor skills and cognitive levels. It is an outside tool enhancing the connection to nature and enabling to do activities and sensory workshops outside the classroom.

Water treatment
Water is a great tool to stimulate the senses and work on specific health problems. we proposed a space where water becomes the main attraction. A tool that specialists can use to stimulate the senses and use together with parents and relatives.

Mounting Panels
e created a concept of interactive panels that reproduce different environments. They are made of cardboard and have elements that can be folded and unfolded to become three-dimensional. The environments that oneself interact in his daily life. Our vision was to use panels to facilitate the learning experience of social skills and being independent.