Water Diverting Toilet

The Reinvent the Toilet Challenge is initiated by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and has its focus on the development of off-grid public toilets for urban slums. I collaborated with the design of a special toilet that diverts water from waste, allowing on-site treatment of water and efficient processing of waste through a process called plasma gasification. Check out the website for more detailed information.

For more pictures check out the flickr account - rttctudelft


Project Summary

TU Delft has been a participant in the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge since 2011. This video shows the progress we have made on the development of a self-sustaining sanitation system based on microwave-assisted plasma gasification.

Working Principle

The following video shows the working principle of the mechanism and the user interactions related to it. The system consists of four main components: two diverting flaps, the flushing mechanism and the anal cleansing water system.

Toilet ritual

Toilet ritual